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Discover Authentic Turkish Cuisine: The Turkish Pide

Turkish Pide Variety Cover Image

Welcome to “Discover Authentic Turkish Cuisine,” a captivating series that promises to be an informative and interesting journey through the world of Turkish traditional food. Turkish food is beyond doner, couscous and coleslaw. As Posh Turkish, we would like to highlight the particular attributes of various dishes that make Turkish meals so exceptional. 

To kick off this series, we shine the spotlight on the Turkish Pide – a true delight which is a perfect dish for any time of day.

The Turkish Pide has evolved from the historic times and traditions of the Ottoman empire, gradually adding new flavours over time.This evolution brought variations in size and shape, with the introduction of both closed and open versions as well as round shapes, further enhancing the diversity and appeal of this dish.

1. Size and Shape: The Elegant Boat of Deliciousness

Doner Pide
The Doner Pide at Posh Turkish

The first thing that sets the Turkish Pide apart from a traditional pizza is its distinctive size and shape. Unlike the familiar round shape of pizzas, Pide is baked and served in an elongated, boat-shaped form. This presentation not only provides an inviting visual appeal but also offers a larger canvas for increased toppings.

2. Scrambled Eggs on Top: The Crown Jewel of Flavour

Scrambled Eggs on Pide
Scrambled Eggs on Pide upon Preparation

Another unique feature that continues to set the Turkish Pide apart is the inclusion of scrambled eggs on top. This smooth layer adds a touch of indulgence to the Pide, and allows for the perfect blend of flavours. 

3. The Glaze: Melted Butter

Melted Butter being brushed on the Pide before baking at Posh Turkish
Melted Butter being brushed on the Pide before baking at Posh Turkish

Our Favourite Characteristic – The glaze that enhances the Turkish Pide. When the Pide is being prepared for baking, the surface of the dough is brushed with melted butter and sesame seeds, adding a rich and delicious flavour and enhancing its glossy finish.

4. Lighter and Healthier than the Pizza

Turkish Pide Dough
Turkish Pide Dough

Unlike pizza, which is typically made with all-purpose flour, Pide boasts a wholesome distinction as it features a unique dough made from a mix of whole wheat and bread flours. 

This combination enhances its nutritional profile, making Pide a scrumptious and healthier choice.

5. Freshly-prepared ingredients

Freshly Prepared Ingredients on the Turkish Pide
Freshly Prepared Ingredients on the Turkish Pide

One key distinction from Pizza is the fact that while Pizza is often prepared using pre-cooked toppings, the Pide is prepared with fresh toppings. For instance, instead of the tomato sauce typically spread on Italian Pizza, the Pide is topped with chopped fresh tomatoes.

These toppings are thoughtfully layered onto the dough just before the baking starts. 

6. Posh introduced it to Malta!

Chef Ahmet holding a Turkish Pide at Posh Turkish Mosta
Chef Ahmet holding a Turkish Pide at Posh Turkish Mosta

Our own Head Chef Ahmet, based at Posh Turkish PAMA, takes pride in being the visionary who introduced the renowned Turkish Pide to Malta in January 2016, with the opening of the first Posh Turkish Outlet.

Today, with unwavering dedication, he continues to craft each Pide with love and expertise, using his own recipe of delicate dough, fresh toppings, and unparalleled culinary techniques.

7. Taste Traditions: The Authentic Turkish Experience

Served Pide

Turkish Pide stands as a proud ambassador of the vibrant Turkish legacy in food. It serves as a genuine tribute to the  traditions and rich flavours that have been cherished and perfected across generations in Turkey. 

We hope this exploration of Turkish Pide has left you craving to try out during your next visit to Posh Turkish! 

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